November 2016

The Apostle John

Dr. Wayne VanHorn, Dean of Christian Studies and Philosophy at Mississippi College, shares the morning message “in-character” as the New Testament Apostle, John.

The Immutable God

In this message, Pastor Jeff shares one of the unique characteristics of God; He is immutable (unchanging).  while everything around us is in a state of flux or change including ourselves, God is not.  Pastor Jeff teaches of three things that are everlasting and unchanging because they are from God.
  1. God’s Word is Immutable
  2. God’s Plan is Immutable
  3. God’s reward is Immutable

“The fabric of which

October 2016

Morning Message

Seek The LORD While He May Be Found

The Compassion of Christ

In this message Pastor Jeff speaks to Global Hunger Sunday and takes us to the moment on the hillside where Jesus fed the 5,000 in Mark 6.  It is from this occasion that Pastor Jeff relates three points that are as important to see in Jesus as the physical miracle of feeding thousands.  In this passage as well as others, we see three things about Jesus that we must seek to have in our lives as we live by faith and walk in faithfulness:
  1. Like Christ, We Must: Have Compassion
  2. Like Christ, We Must: Live By Conviction
  3. Like Christ, We Must: Ignore Complacency

September 2016

The God Who Leads

Everyone needs leadership through life because we are not equipped to manage without it.  One dictionary defines leadership as “guidance” and that being said, without the leadership of God’s wisdom, power, and love the only outcome is being lost because there is no true and perfect guidance in and for our lives.

In this message Pastor Jeff shares from Exodus 13 how God led Moses and the Israelites with power, wisdom, and love that would endure long after the rivers dry up, the moun

Laboring For The LORD


August 2016

Distinctive Marks of Transformation in a Believer and a Church

The Parable of the Persistent Widow


July 2016

I Will Make A Difference

Pastor Jeff delivers the last message in the series of “I Will”.  In this message Pastor Jeff preaches from 1 Peter 4:7-11 as he shares four points to encourage Christians to make a difference through their lives and their local church in order to make a difference in their community from a biblical perspective.