May 2017

Memorial Day Sunday 2017

Paul’s Praise

Pastor Jeff begins a new series in Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.  Here in 1:3-14 he shares the praise of the Apostle for God’s blessing on the Church, in particular this church in Ephesus.  In his message, Pastor Jeff points to seven reasons for praising God.
  1. God has sovereignly chosen us, v4
  2. God has lovingly adopted us, v5
  3. God has graciously favored us, v6
  4. God has sacrificially redeemed us, vv7-8
  5. God has made known to us the Gospel, vv9-10
  6. God has given to us an inheritance, vv11-12
  7. God has sealed us, vv13-14

The Faith of a Christian Mother

Pastor Jeff delivers a charge to mother’s that extends to all Christians.  In his message Pastor Jeff turns to 2 Timothy, where he shares three things that should be evident through the faith of a Christian mother.  The faith of a Christian mother should be:
  1. confessional-a faith that is sound and sure
  2. communicable-a faith that is instructive and infectious
  3. commendable-a faith that is praiseworthy and admirable

The man that Ti

Building A Solid Foundation

Steve Wilson, Pastor of Students and Families at Parkway, delivers a message to the graduating Seniors on the importance of “Building a Solid Foundation”.  Pastor Steve’s text is taken from Matthew 7:24-27 as Jesus teaches the parable of the two foundations.

April 2017

This Is Us

In this morning message, Pastor Jeff turns to 1 Peter 3:13-16.  In the text he points to four things that all followers of Christ are to have as evident in their lives.
  1. A Deep Commitment, v13
  2. A Blessed Assurance, v14
  3. A Ready Defense, v15
  4. A Clear Conscience, v16

God’s Provision

Pastor Jeff preaches from Philippians 4:4-9 to encourage believers to not allow the possibility of problems to overshadow the providence of God’s provision.

A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On

Pastor Jeff continues in his series on hope as Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem for Passover.  It was in this action that Jesus came bringing hope to the people. 

Morning Message

March 2017

Hope: All Is Not Lost

Pastor Jeff continues in the series on hope leading to Easter.  In the message Pastor Jeff teaches from Luke 15:11-32 and the parable of the “prodigal son”.
Pastor Jeff encourages us not to live with selfish motives, but humbly walk before the Lord, with a hope that is renewed everyday.  And in those moments when our hope wanes and our anger and frustration rises because of the situations in and around our us, let us live with grace and see that as w

Oh, What A Night

Pastor Jeff shares the New Testament accounts of the “Last Supper” with Jesus and His 12 disciples in the “upper room”.