Well it’s official, you’ve found our church website.  I hope is a helpful tool for you to see, in some measure, who we are as a church and what we feel is important to the life and ministry of this church.  Here you will find information about our staff, ministries, and purpose as a church.  What you will not find is the perfect website inviting you to be a part of a perfect church. We are far from perfect here at Parkway Baptist Church, but everyday our mission is to walk by faith because of God’s immeasurable grace through the saving work of His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ.
If for some reason, you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  If you have a specific question for me or any of the other staff, again, please give us a call or send us a personal email.
This note wouldn’t be complete without extending an invitation for you to visit and see firsthand who we are and what we’re about at Parkway.  If you visit us sometime, I hope I’m able to meet you if for no other reason than to say hello and thank you for taking me up on my invitation. 
Parkway is a church of many people with varied gifts who have been equipped to glorify God and serve those in this church and extending out to the world around us.  If this is where God is leading you, I welcome you to join us as we worship together, serve together, and grow  together in our knowledge of and love for God through Jesus Christ.